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President Message

December 07, 2014




Indeed it is an honor for me to work with a dedicated team of FRIENDS OF HUMANITY for the cause of of the stranded Pakistanis (commonly known as Biharis) in Bangladesh camps. Friends of Humanity is a Not-for-Profit organization and is in its initial stage, but our ambition is to bring those forgotten people in the realm of life they deserve.


Of course it is the duty of the state actors, like the governments of Pakistan and Bangladesh to resolve this humanitarian issue, but unfortunately, none of them is taking any serious step in this regard. Other human rights and charitable organizations are also evading this issue.


There are several options of work, but FOH is focusing on education as top priority, because without education, the kids of the camp dwellers will be unsuccessful in the future. Two generations could not study at all due to poverty. Our next priority is to provide them with healthcare facilities and our team is making plans for the next year. We are also planning for QARZ-E-HASNAH (micro financing), so the families in the camps can do small businesses.


As we all know, poverty exists everywhere, especially in the third world, but those people are affected by war and revolution. They had their houses, jobs and businesses, but after the war between Pakistan and India in 1971, in East Pakistan, those stranded people were victimized and since then they are living in inhuman conditions in shanty camps. They were citizens of Pakistan before 1971, but Pakistan is not fulfilling its responsibilities and Bangladesh is not giving basic human right to them because those people sided with Pakistan during the war.


I appeal to all of you to come forward to help those stranded people for the sake of humanity. If you don’t help them because they supported Pakistan before 1971, please help them as human beings. We have to be accountable to God Almighty on the Day of Judgment if they will be left helpless. Let all of us participate in this Noble Cause. We can make a difference in their lives, together.


Thank you
Ahmed A. Karim Jangda