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As a part of our Pakistan Flood Relief

Slide DONATE YOUR Zakat & Fidya For Our Forgotten Muslims Living in Miserable
Conditions since 1971 in the Camps of Bangladesh
without proper Food, Medicine & Shelter.
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Slide FOH QURBANI PROJECT 2023 THANK YOU View More For Sharing Qurbani with
Stranded People in Camps
Slide EMERGENCY APPEAL FOR TO SAVE LIVES More Than 11,000 Casualties & 300,000 Were Displaced In The Deadly Turkey & Syria 7.8 Magnitude Donate Now HELP!! DONATE NOW Earthquake Slide Flood Victims RELIEF Please help them survive harsh winters in Pakistan! Every donation counts! WINTER Donate Now Slide HELP FLOOD Pakistan Donate Now They are in Urgent Need to Slide Pledge $350 Yearly
to Educate One Student
in the Camps of
FOH is bringing kids
from Camps to School

To our forgotten Muslims living in miserable conditions in the camps of Bangladesh since 1971.

Since December 16, 1971 nearly 250,000 Pakistanis, commonly known as Biharis, have been stranded in Bangladesh, confined to living in 66 camps spread across 13 districts. Their only crime was being on the losing side of a political argument. When Pakistan was formed in 1947, these people migratedfrom the Muslim minority provinces of India to East Pakistan.


FRIENDS OF HUMANITY is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-religious organization working for the just cause of the Stranded Pakistanis (commonly known Biharis)


Our mission is to fight against poverty, illiteracy, statelessness, injustice, children and women abuse, domestic violence everywhere 


FRIENDS OF HUMANITY is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-religious organization working for the just cause of the Stranded Pakistanis (commonly known Biharis)

Our Recent Activities

USA Activities

Highlight of ISNA Convention 2023

FOH participated in the ISNA convention this September with full zeal and enthusiasm to bring awareness and highlight the issues regarding stranded people in Bangladesh among the visitors. Our booth got an excellent response and […]

Bangladesh Activity

FOH Qurbani Program 2023

Our Qurbani Project benefitted more than 2000 families of stranded people in camps. The Qurbani project was implemented in three cities of Bangladesh namely; Saidpur, Rangpur, and Dhaka. A total of 50 cows and 50 […]

Bangladesh Activity

FOH Food Package Distribution Program 2023

Thank you donors for your immense support. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude and appreciation for all your contributions toward the betterment of these stranded and distressed people living in […]

Pledge $350 yearly to educate One Student in the Camps of Bangladesh

They are not receiving help from any corner of the World,
living in inhumane conditions without proper Foods, Medicine and Shelters.

Our Work

President Message

December 07, 2014




Indeed it is an honor for me to work with a dedicated team of FRIENDS OF HUMANITY for the cause of of the stranded Pakistanis (commonly known as Biharis) in Bangladesh camps. Friends of Humanity is a Not-for-Profit organization and is in its initial stage, but our ambition is to bring those forgotten people in the realm of life they deserve…

Vice President Message

December 07, 2014




The cessation of East Pakistan ( Bangladesh ) in 1971 was a painful and tragic event in the history of Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands lives were lost, 90,000 army soldiers became prisoners of war but the real victims were about 250,000 stranded Pakistanis ( also known as Beharies ) who could not get out of Bangladesh and after 43 years, they are still in Bangladesh living in miserable…

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