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Vice President Message

December 07, 2014




The cessation of East Pakistan ( Bangladesh ) in 1971 was a painful and tragic event in the history of Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands lives were lost, 90,000 army soldiers became prisoners of war but the real victims were about 250,000 stranded Pakistanis ( also known as Beharies ) who could not get out of Bangladesh and after 43 years, they are still in Bangladesh living in miserable and inhuman condition in more than 66 camps. Although several resolutions and treaties have been signed by government of Paki-stan, Muslim World League and as a result Rabita Trust was established, but so far the issue remains unresolved.


There are certain worldwide non-for —profit organizations helping to ease their pain and sufferings by supporting them with minute financial help. Friends of Humanity is one of such organizations which was established 2006 to provide help to the stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh. My family, like many others, is also refugee, migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and suffered unbearable atrocities , lost more than 20 family members, lived in camps in similar conditions. Considering the similarities, gave me and few other friends an emotional urge to help our stranded brothers and sisters in Bangladesh.


After having many brain storming sessions with my other colleagues, we decided to establish FOH and now came up with the decision to provide primary thru high school education to the children with the hope that it will open the doors for them for a better future and they would be able to improve their and their families’ lives. We pray to Allah swt to help us to continue this mission with a success.


Tariq Malhance
Vice President