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FOH California Event 2016

In the event, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqui (Muslim Scholar), Shaykh Osman Umarjee (Young Muslim Scholar), FOH president Ahmed Jangda, Ehtesham Nezami and Rizwan Samad spoke about the plight of stranded PAKISTANIS in Bangladesh camps. Those people had their properties, jobs and businesses before 1971. They were uprooted and thrown out to shanty type of camps. They are living in inhuman condition for more than four decades without food, medicine and proper shelter, speakers said. They reminded the audience that it is duty of Muslim Ummah to take care of those stranded people commonly known as Biharis or stranded Pakistanis.


A chapter of FOH was formed in a separate meeting held at Syed Nayyer Alam’s residence.


In a group president Ahmed Jangda, Secretary Ehtesham Nezami, Syed Nayyer Alam and Dr, Akmal Abbasi of FOH California chapter and others are seen while another picture a section of audience are seen.