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Meeting on Bangladesh and Pakistan Trip by VP Tariq Malhance

Vice President of Friends of Humanity, Tariq Malhance briefed about his recent visit of Bangladesh and Pakistan in FOH Board meeting held under chairmanship of President Ahmed Karim Jangda. Other members Ehtesham Nezami, Ms. Naila Ahmed, Dr. M. A. Toor, Sadruddin Noorani and Juveria Ahmad were also present in meeting while Syed Nayyer Alam (California), Capt. Masood Raza (Texas) and Afshan Zahid (Chicago) participated on speaker phone. Mr. Tariq Malhance informed the Board about progress and improvements of FOH schools. He was completely satisfied with all FOH projects running for stranded people in Bangladesh camps. He felt bad looking at general living conditions of the camp dwellers.

He reported about his meetings with senior journalists in Lahore, Pakistan. Mr. Tariq Malhance was thankful to senior journalist and author Altaf Hassan Qureshi who arranged a dinner meeting with Pakistan’s intellectuals and journalists. He met TV anchor Abdur Rauf, journalist Rais Ansari, Rauf Tahir and others.

FOH President Jangda and all Board members thanked Mr. Malhance for his time and efforts for forgotten stranded people and determined to work more focusing on education for young generation of the camp dwellers.