Toll Free 1(888) 398-3824

Toll Free 1(888) 398-3824

Foh Volunteers Activities In Bangladesh Camps

Friends of Humanity (FOH) and HID volunteers have started helping stranded people in Bangladesh who are at high risk for coronavirus. FOH is providing water and soap for hand wash campaign on BEAT THE CORONAVIRUS project. Volunteers are very much active in distributing MASKS among camps dwellers. They are announcing the ways how to be saved from this pandemic, going camp to camp.


Thanks to FOH country Director Syed Jalaluddin Ahmad, HID Executive Director who are working hard for the humanity under supervision of FOH leaderships.


SHABASH to Majid Iqbal, Md. Latif, Chaand, Awal, Munna and other volunteers for their hard and constant work.
FOH is planning to do little more for the camp dwellers.