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Toll Free 1(888) 398-3824

FOH Qurbani Program -2020

FOH QURBANI PROGRAM -2020 was organized and covered in four major cities of Bangladesh namely Saidpur, Rangpur, Khulna, and Dhaka camps.Alhamdulilah we were able to share qurbani with more than 14,000 stranded people. FOH started Qurbani on second day and continued till third day. Meat was not only distributed among FOH school children’ families but also among other camp dwellers too with Eid greetings, dignity, and respect. FOH teachers, volunteers and partnering NGO HID’s members tried to give meat on their doorsteps. FOH partnering HID’s volunteers and members had worn masks and maintained social distance throughout Qurbani project.


Alhamdulilah with your support we were able to share Qurbani meat with these forgotten and under privileged camp dwellers and brought smile on their faces.


Qurbani Meat Distribution in Badar Ganj Rangpur

Qurbani Meat Distribution in Dhaka

Qurbani Meat Distribution in FOH School rangpur

Qurbani Meat Distribution in Khulna

Qurbani Meat Distribution in Rangpur

Qurbani Meat Distribution in Saidpur