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FOH Event in California 2017

Friends of Humanity California chapter organised a Fundraising Dinner Event in San Gabriel area for benefit of the camp dwellers in Bangladesh, especially for FOH education, Housing and Clean Water projects. Shaykh Said Seddouk, Ahmed Karim Jangda, Ehtesham Arshad Nezami and Syed Nayyer Alam spoke, while Qari Shaikh Ali Shamsuddin recited Holy Qur’an and Muhammad Anwer recited HAMD. Mr. Salman Alam was MC of the event.


Shaykh Said Seddouk praised the efforts of FOH members and he said FOH is following prophet Muhammad (PBU) who teached us to help needy human being. He appealed to people to come up and cooperate with FOH in regards of stranded people in Bangladesh camps.


Ehtesham Arshad Nezami, secretary General FOH said that Pakistan was and is responsible to help those unfortunate people but for some reasons, Pakistan continuously ignoring them. Since I visit Bangladesh camps regularly, it is my moral obligation to let people know about the general living condition of those forgotten people, he said. The government of the land they are is neglecting them and the government they supported previously, abandoned them even after signing various treaty to repatriate and rehabilitate them in Pakistan. Mr. Nezami answered lot of questions from audience regarding the issue.


Ahmed Karim Jangda, president FOH told that those stranded people were living normal life before 1971 but a revolution changed their life and they are now in shanty type camps for more than 45 years without basic needs of life. FOH wants to bring them in the life they deserve. He informed that FOH is providing primary education to kids of the camps, providing clean water to the camp dwellers, distributing Qurbani meat and building shelters to them.


Mr. Nayyer Alam, Chairman FOH California chapter thanked audience.