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FOH paid tribute to two legends Sattar Edhi and Dr. Asad Husain in chicago

Imam Malik Mujahid, Dr. Tariq Cheema, Abidullah Ghazi, Ahmed Jangda, Saleh Ehtesham, Imran and Haroon Hussain spoke about two humanitarians

Chicago (Staff Reporter): Chicago based not for profit organization, Friends of Humanity (FOH), arranged an event to pay tribute to two humanitarians, Abdul SattarEdhi and Chicago’s scholar Dr. Asad Husain. Abdul SattarEdhi passed away in Pakistan while Dr. Asad Husain died in Chicago.

Muslim scholar Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, Philanthropist Dr. Tariq Cheema, FOH president Ahmed A. KarimJangda, vice president Tariq Malhance, educationist Dr. Abidullah Ghazi, young writer Saleha Ehtesham, sons of Dr. Hussain, Haroon and Imran Husain. spoke about SattarEdhi and Dr. Asad Husain. FOH outreach coordinator Juveria Ahmad and Syed MansoorHaque were MC of the event. FOH director Dr. M. A. Toor thanked speakers and guests while Dr. JavedBhatty recited Qur’an and Naat.

Mr. Ahmed Jangda discussed how SattarEdhi and Dr. Asad Husain were trying to resolve the issue of the stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh camps. They both travelled to Bangladesh several times in this regard, Mr. Jangda said. He also assured that FOH will continue the mission of serving humanity, just as both legends had done.

Imam Malik Mujahid recounted his first meeting with Edhi in 1971 in Karachi and volunteered in general election Edhi contested. He was simple and straightforward. Second time he met Mr. Edhi in a subway in New York. He was Same simple and humble as he was 20 years back . Imam Mujahidsaid that people of Pakistan will follow SattarEdhi and Dr. Asad’s footsteps. Remembering these two great legends, Imam became emotional and could not stop his tears.

Dr. Tariq Cheema asserted that the only way to pay tribute to SattarEdhi is to change our life as SattarEdhi himself did. We all should serve humanity practically, he stated. Dr. Cheema said SattarEdhi and Dr. Asad Husain were role models and they both were real followers of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him).

Dr. Abidullah Ghazi shared how he met SattarEdhi and how he was impressed by his demeanor. Dr. Ghazi and Dr. Asad were close friends for many years and he reminisced how passionate Dr. Husain was about his humanitarian work.

Saleha Ehtesham, a student at University of Illinois at Chicago, shared her experience of meeting with Dr. Asad Husain to discuss his book “Muslims in America”, which discussed the evidence of how Muslims came to America before Columbus.

A nephew of Abdul SattarEdhi Mr. AsifUsmanEdhi was also present for the occasion and appeared on stage to share a few words regarding the activities of SattarEdhi.

Imran Husain and Haroon Husain, two sons of Dr. Asad Husain spoke about their father’s personal life and his academic and social work achievements.