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Foh Aalami Mushaira In Chicago

FOH Aalami MUSHAIRA held in Chicago on December 7, 2018. Besides famous poets of Chicago, Rafiuddin Raaz from Pakistan, Jalal Azimabadi from Bangladesh and Anond Chakaravorthi from India attended. Vakil Ansari from New York and Jamil Usman was from New Jersey was also present. From Chicago Hashmat Sohail, Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum, Nazar Naqvi, Anwar Ali Roomi, Riaz Niazi, Mahboob Ali Khan, Nadim Sharafi, Syed Shahabuddin and others also participated.

Before Mushaira, FOH president Ahmed Jangda, Vice President Tariq Malhance and Secretary General Ehtesham Arshad Nezami spoke about FOH and the humanitarian issue of stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh camps.

Amin Haider conducted the Mushaira.